Django Slick Reporting

Django Slick Reporting is a report engine that allows you to compute and create diverse report form with custom calculations


To install django-slick-reporting:

  1. Install with pip: pip install django-slick-reporting.
  2. Add 'slick_reporting' to INSTALLED_APPS.
  3. For the shipped in View, add 'cirspy_forms' to ``INSTALLED_APPS``and add CRISPY_TEMPLATE_PACK = ‘bootstrap4’ to your


You can start by using SampleReportView which is a subclass of django.views.generic.FormView

# in
from slick_reporting.views import SampleReportView
from .models import MySalesItems

class MonthlyProductSales(SampleReportView):
    # The model where you have the data
    report_model = MySalesItems

    # the main date field used for the model.
    date_field = 'date_placed' # or 'order__date_placed'
    # this support traversing, like so
    # date_field = 'order__date_placed'

    # A foreign key to group calculation on
    group_by = 'product'

    # The columns you want to display
    columns = ['title', '__total_quantity__']

    # Charts
    charts_settings = [
        'type': 'bar',
        'data_source': '__total_quantity__',
        'title_source': 'title',

The above simple code will result in a page similar to this

Shipped in View Page

Neat huh ? Next step Usage

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